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Drone Lidar

Drone LiDAR is very popular in the drone precision mapping community and a big part of our business is helping you to enter this space! If your client has specified LiDAR or your chosen solution is LiDAR, perhaps primarily for vegetation penetration reasons, then we can provide this equipment to you through a purchase or a rental; OR we can come to site and help you collect and process this data through a Wet Hire – ie, equipment and staff. Please feel free to reach out and share your requirements with us.



We have various GNSS systems on hand which you can rent for as short or a long a period as you need. Within our stock we have the CHC Navigation i50/ i73 and i93 GNSS antennas. These we would pair with a multitude of phone or tablet like controllers and poles. Base station, Base and Rover or Rover with CORS, we can help you get started. Any initial training required is charged at the day rental rate.

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SPH Drone Bathy

If you have bathy data collection to get done and need a highly mobile system, this may be a great opportunity to experience this alternate option., you will need an M300RTK, or we can rent you one, and a working knowledge of bathy needs. You will need either the D-RTK base station or CORS for RTK flying, the system uses UgCS expert software for mission planning, although you can fly manual missions. The collected data is exported in CSV format and post processed through Hydromagic. Rental of this system includes a laptop to cover the software side of things. Any initial training required is charged at the day rental rate.  

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